Something Old And Something New – Two Great Breakfast Places in Berlin

by Anja

On my recent trip to Berlin I was accompanied by little Julie. Hence, exploring the new restaurants of the city wasn’t really first priority. Instead, my family and I spent most of the time at home, enjoying the hot summer days with iced coffees, barbeques, tapas and wine.

But of course I headed out for breakfast. I love eating out for breakfast, especially during summertime when you can sit outside and enjoy the early sun. Unfortunately, in Switzerland it is really hard to find breakfast places – there just doesn’t seem to be a breakfast culture. To Roland’s regret, who keeps complaining that we always have our weekend breakfasts at home. But well, unless/until we move somewhere else, we’ll just have to enjoy breakfast places whenever we travel. And we do.

In Berlin, Barcomi’s is one of my old favorites. I first discovered it when I was still in college (loooong time ago), and I’ve always come back here during each visit. Barcomi’s has two locations in Berlin: the “Kaffeerösterei” at Bergmannstrasse and the “Deli” at Sophienstrasse. This is the one I love. Located in a nice courtyard, it is near the famous “Hackesche Höfe”, but is harder to find and hence lacks the plethora of tourists. Barcomi’s is famous for all their American baked goodies: scones, cheesecake, carrot cake, just to name a few. But there are also various breakfast and lunch choices. This time I had a Swiss platter, featuring Swiss specialty cheeses and cold cuts as well as some Birchermüesli. It was so much food that there was no space left for any of the great cakes – what a pity! Anyways, it’s always worth going back to Barcomi’s, my good old friend.

But then, on this recent trip, I also explored a new great breakfast place when my mom and I were just strolling through Potsdam. Lekker Snoepjes is a chocolate manufacturer who sells great artisan chocolates and other little treats, but also features a cute little café. In summertime one can enjoy the little courtyard for a drink or a small breakfast. What a relaxing atmosphere! I think I could have spent all day there, having one coffee after the other. The menu didn’t have any chilled coffee options, but when I asked the owner made me one of the best iced lattes I’ve ever had. Breakfast is traditional German – including “Brötchen” (buns), butter, a variety of cheeses and cold cuts as well as homemade jam and chocolate cream. Organic eggs are available, too.

I’ve been back from Berlin for a few weeks now and already miss the Lekker Snoepjes breakfast. Time to plan the next trip to Berlin…


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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