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Four girls, who happen to have led quite a cosmopolitan life each, chanced upon one another and soon discovered that they all share one mutual passion among them - their deep interest in all things food-related.

Once upon a time, each began her life in a different country.  Soon, luck would have it that they intersected their lives in Los Angeles, and Miami, but not for too long, just enough time to nurture their bond.  Once again their on-the-go lifestyles would take hold and move them across land and oceans in all different directions.  As mobile as they are, through these years, the savorychicks connection remains strong for they cherish their deepest desire to share their culinary experiences.
This blog is their playground where they share their favorite recipes, restaurant experiences and other culinary discoveries.

Anja was born and raised in Germany. She holds a Ph.D. in marketing and has worked and lived in Los Angeles, Miami and Berlin. Anja now lives in Switzerland with her husband and two daughters. She works as a marketing consultant and lecturer and enjoys cooking for her family and friends. More

Marjan was born in Iran and moved to Los Angeles at the age of six. She graduated from USC with a graduate degree in dental surgery and practiced dentistry in Southern California for twenty years. Today she dedicates much of her time pursuing philanthropic activities and now owns a Dental Consulting & Management company. Marjan lives in Los Angeles and San Diego; whenever her busy schedule allows, she loves to cook for friends and family using the abundance of organic ingredients her family grows in the garden. More

Shirl believes she inherited her passion for good food from her loving parents. Born in Hong Kong, she enjoyed a rather uneventful childhood that, thankfully, was accented with flavors from a variety of cuisines. School and work eventually had Shirl settle in Los Angeles, her current home. Shirl loves to scour food markets for ideas for her next meal. Although her kitchen is small her interest in cooking is anything but. When the sink fills up with dirty dishes, Shirl knows it’s time to head out for a good meal. More

Sun is a native of Seoul, Korea, but has spent most of her life in Chicago running an award winning design company and is the author of Reset: Moving Korean Culture Forward.  For the last few years she and her husband have turned into snowbirds, escaping the dreadful Chicago winter by spending the season at their Miami home where they enjoy the sun and the Caribbean style cuisine. Sun and her husband also travel extensively, spending several weeks a year in various places around the globe. More

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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