July 14, 2017

Passion Fruit Rollet Cake

by Marjan
Last year, I was enthusiastic over our passion fruit harvest and enjoyed incorporating this exotic and delicious fruit in both my savory and sweet dishes.  One recipe I continued to make all year long was my rolled cake, or rollet, infused with passion fruit. I prepared a sweet passion fruit sauce in which I folded into my whipped cream to elevate and enrich this easy to make cake. I transformed some of the sauce into a passion fruit caramel, poured on top of my cake to add another flavor of deliciousness!

How can you resist having just one serving? Elegant, delicious, exotic, creamy, and satisfying bites of this fluffy cake left a permanent impression on my palate! Hope it does as well for you!

July 7, 2017

Okra Stew

by Marjan
This past year, I have introduced you to many popular traditional Persian stew recipes. Today, I'm introducing you to one which is not as well known, yet it is one of my mother's favorite: Okra Stew, Khoreshte Bamieh. Very similar to Khoreshte Bademjoon, which is a stew of fried eggplants; both share the same tomato base accented with tart sour grapes creating a decadent balance of sour and earthy stew and served with classic Persian basmati prepared rice.

Okra has a very distinct texture of mucilage soluble fiber making it easily digestible and nutritious with vitamin C and K, thiamin, folate and magnesium. In season from late June until October, take advantage of this nutritious vegetable. Serve along saffron laced Persian rice.
Comforting flavors and texture of okra in a sea of tomato, saffron, turmeric, garlic and sour grapes braised with either beef or lamb stew is both healthy and delicious. Omitting use of meat delivers an equally hearty stew which is a wonderful vegetarian option. Rich, delicious, and healthy, I pledge to make this stew more popular this year! Any followers?

June 30, 2017

The Fourth, Stars, Cornbread & Sausage

by Marjan
I'm not ashamed to admit I love a good corndog! I don't frequently shop at the mall, but when I do, I generously treat myself to a fried hotdog on a stick. Not only do I feel like a kid again, but all the wonderful memories of my childhood at the mall rush back to me. And yes, the dog tastes pretty good too!
I have come up with a recipe to serve corndogs which are more healthy, less greasy, yet more tasty so both adults and children can enjoy. Instead of hotdogs, I've substituted quality sausage; and rather than deep frying, I bake bite size corn and sausage served with gourmet mustard. It's really fun to play around with different flavors of sausage such as chicken apple with herbs, cheese, andouille, etc. I personally like my sausage a little spicy, therefore, I stick to my favorite spicy Louisiana sausage.  Cheese lovers can even choose cheddar or mozzarella stuffed sausage for a double delight.
Try my cornbread and sausage bites for either fourth of July or your next gathering. I guarantee it to be a big hit with all your guests, young and old!