April 12, 2014

Southwestern English Muffin Breakfast

by Marjan

Sunny, spring mornings make it easy to jump out of bed and create an inspired breakfast to start the day nourished. However, some weekends, it is really hard for me to leave my nest to gather ingredients for a lazy breakfast. So I hunt and gather my ingredients from my pantry and fridge.

This morning, I created my own inspired Southwestern breakfast muffin with poached eggs, black beans, and guacamole. It was so good that I just had to share it with you!

Sometimes the best creations come from leftovers! Yesterday, we had a small gathering at my house, therefore I had already prepared guacamole. These days, my fridge has a weekly supply of cooked black beans in which I enjoy with rice and season it depending on my craving. Of course, we have fresh eggs from our chickens in the yard. There is no better way to start your day than with a high protein content breakfast that is light, healthy, tasty, and simply beautiful!

Try this recipe at your next brunch! I am certain it will please.

March 29, 2014

Simply Black Bean Soup

by Sun

For those of you who know me or follow my posts, you would remember that I try to avoid recipes that involve multiple cooking steps, like after stove cooking, having to put it in the oven or blender, then back to something else, etc.

Nowadays my cooking rules have changed a little bit since I bought myself a Vitamix last year. It took a little bit of persuasion by a few friends who already have this blender. Yes, it was quite pricy and I needed additional convincing to justify the high price even after thinking about the two broken blenders I've gone thru in the past few years and I hardly used them at all!

Carlos likes soup a lot and always asks me why I don't make more soups? So if I plan to make more soups or try different soup recipes, It is essential to have a good blender. Enough said and being justified, I went ahead and got myself a professional Vitamix model. Ever since then I have been enjoying making Butternut Squash soup, Roasted Bell Pepper soup, Gazpacho, and Black Bean soup among others, ( (not to mention endless smoothies, but that is another post).

Among the 4 things I mentioned, the black bean soup is the easiest to make. Not much chopping other than some garlic, onion, and red bell peppers. You can do it from scratch by soaking the black beans overnight and boiling for hours the next day or just use a can of black beans like I'm doing here and finish it in 20 minutes. Remember easy way is my way :).

The origins of the black bean soup is said to come from the Caribbean, so Cubans and Puerto Ricans have been known to claim ownership among others, and who could blame them because in addition to the yummy and rich taste, the additional health benefits of black beans are high in antioxidants, fiber, folate, and it goes on.

March 15, 2014

Friendship Celebration At The Maldive Islands

by Marjan (text) and Anja (photography)

Prince William and Princess Kate have been making royal headline news for recently vacationing at the Maldives Island. All the talk has been about what Kate is wearing and the obvious question: ‘where is George?’
I wanted to share with you more personable (and perhaps relatable) news. Ten years ago when Anja and I met in Los Angeles, it was through a mutual loving friend Jisook. To make a long story short, it was love at first sight! As our personal lives evolved and the three of us were no longer living in Los Angeles, Anja, Jisook, and I promised one another to have a ten year reunion at the Maldives Island.
Plans were set, action taken and two weeks ago, we had the great fortune to keep our promise to one another after ten years. This reunion might not be worthy to make it on the news, but I promise you, the respect, love and friendship Anja, Jisook, and I have for one another, tops the news made by Will and Kate. Without being overly presumptuous, I think we ate more, laughed more, and enjoyed the island more - leaving foot prints on the sand of value and importance only to us, and perhaps those who share our story, lives, and hopefully our savorychicks family - you!

One obvious question is perhaps, ‘how was the food?’ Well, in one word: fantastic! To our great surprise, Veligandu Resort offered us not only noteworthy service, but excellent food. We had available to us a private dinner, served on the beach at sunset in front of calm, crystal blue waters with an array of fish and baby sharks visible to us calmly swimming! Yes, sharks! These were the friendliest sharks as they swam alongside people without concern. It is very hard to describe, but if you can only imagine having an aquarium in front view on top of soft white sand, with the sun setting projected ahead, mild refreshing breeze, and the most beautiful tropical island on earth as background. Heavenly! The senses are already in nirvana, and with our food served, our pleasure escalated to a whole other atmosphere. Excellent quality of steaks, grilled to perfection, vast variety of fresh seafood such as jumbo shrimp and lobster, and complimentary Champagne tops my list as favorites.

We also had available to us a full service buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our first false assumption was the food would be average and we were worried about the menu repeating after a couple of days. To our surprise, for the eight days we were on the island, the menu varied daily! Each day, we could count on a selection of assortments from the fruit and salad bar, breads, fresh grilled fish, desserts and cuisines inspired from America, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, India, China, Japan and Thailand. Fruits we hadn't eaten so far such as red bananas, redrose apples or banana flowers (in a curry) made it even more exciting. The only difficulty was limiting our trip back to the buffet for a fourth and fifth serving. We were spoiled by the great food, hospitality, and views of the ocean and island.

Anja, Jisook and I are forever grateful for our experience; we cherish in our hearts our fun memories lying on the beach, swimming in warm crystal clear waters, enjoying our spa days, dining on the beach, but most importantly, the friendship and love shared.

So when are you going there?

PS. Want to read more about the Maldive Islands? Click here.

PSS. And for all you Persians out there: Happy New Year! Still looking for a recipe? How about sabzee polo mahee?

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