April 29, 2016

Rainbow Colored Quiche And the Five Senses

by Marjan
Beyond taste, I think you would agree, some of your best gastronomical experiences involved all five senses. Within my collection of recipes, I feel this rainbow colored quiche best demonstrates the importance of sight, sound, smell, tactile, and taste when dinning. As promised with my last post, I want to continue the artistry linked with cooking.  This is one of three posts to come which will perfectly display my love for the Culinary Arts and the importance of all five senses.
My rainbow colored quiche recipe is all about tantalizing your senses. At first, the exuberant colors of this robust colorful quiche will call your attention. First sense, sight; checked! As the knife cuts into the caramelized garden of vegetables down to the crisp crust puff pastry lining, your ears will awaken and perk up knowing a crunchy bite is to come. Second sense, hearing; checked! Once the first spoonful nears your mouth, your nose will detect aromas of oregano, parsley, and chives hidden below the garden of vegetables. Third senses, smell; checked! With your first indulgence, your mouth will experience the richness of velvety goat cheese filling embedded with flourishing vegetables and comforting pastry dough. Fourth senses, tactile; checked! Last, but not least, your palate will embrace sweet carrots and zucchini caramelized on a bed of fluffy eggs and goat cheese custard with fresh herbs, comforted and held together with crispy, buttery, baked puff pastry. Most important of all sense, taste; checked, checked!
Using all five senses, there is no need to ask me for the ingredients.  You already know the magic behind this beautiful and delicious quiche. Not to worry, exact directions will follow. This beautiful dish will be the most eye catching, mouth watering display at your next gathering to celebrate life, family, and the love of food!
Mother's day is around the corner, this beautiful dish serves as both a beautiful bouquet and a hearty delicious dish. Present this beautiful quiche as a gift to your mother, confident you will be bringing pleasure to all of her five senses as well.
Happiest wishes to all mothers, from all parts of our beautiful earth!

Coming up, will be my recipe for Vegetable Napoleon. Culinary art stacked up into a beautiful healthy bite!

April 22, 2016

Art, Food And Cheese

by Marjan

Have you ever wondered why you like to cook? More than just enjoying food and eating, why do you cook? Do you feel it is an creative process?  Where does the expression of Culinary Art come from? You might think to yourself, "I cook because I have to eat or I have to feed my family". All true, but these days, we have many options to satisfy hunger and feed others. With multitude of restaurants along with freezer and prepared food sections of most grocery stors expanding, why do you seek out recipes, buy cook books, or visit food blogs?

My belief is cooking is a true artistic expression of love: love of food, ingredients, taste, passion, sharing and art. Similar to when an artist looks at an empty canvas and is inspired to capture an expression to feed the soul or as a musician transforms seven notes to fill a blank page of lines into music to stir emotion, a cook does the same.

Food, paintings, pictures, dance, music and other artistic outlets is the product of creativity. That unexplainable desire to create, share, and nourish the heart, mind and spirit.
Even if you are a novice in the kitchen and feel intimidated, consider a cheese plate. Yes, it is not really cooking, however, it is putting together different ingredients harmoniously to create the perfect bite. Consider your serving platter as a blank canvas. Choose your favorite variety of cheese along with any fruits, nuts, crackers and decorate a beautiful serving platter. I promise your will receive instant cheer! To be a little more creative, you can roll goat cheese in a mix of your favorite seeds, nuts, and chopped dried fruit. Last December, I shared with you my recipe for goat cheese rolled in cranberries and a variety of nuts. Rather than making little ornaments, make it easy by just rolling any soft cheese in a mix of chopped nuts and dried fruits. Be creative and have fun! Use endive as a vessel to serve crumbles blue cheese along with pecans into one decadent bite. Easy and elegant!

So the next time your grocery shopping, think of yourself as an artist selecting colors and flavors for your canvas; and as a musician when you bring all the ingredients together to create a symphony. When serving your creation to loved ones, be prepared to hear sweet notes of 'umm' and 'ahhh' with requested encore performance; bask in the love of the great artist that is within you!

With the next three posts to come, I will be sharing with you recipes displaying my love of both food and art. You can anticipate delicious, colorful, elegant dishes which will feed your artistic creative side to cooking. Stay tuned....

April 7, 2016

Mini Chocolate and Butterscotch Pancakes

by Marjan

To commensurate the birthdays of those I love, I look forward to preparing them a special breakfast. This week, Anja will be celebrating her daughter's birthdays in Switzerland; I feel cheated to have never had the pleasure of being with them and most importantly cooking for them.
Thanks to technology and our blog, I can transfer my recipes to Anja and request of her to prepare my recipe for chocolate and butterscotch pancakes created just for my sweet Julie and Lina. I was inspired by a picture Anja sent me of Lina wearing her chef's hat and cooking! My recipe for this pancake is easy to make, and therefore I hope both girls will assist Anja in the kitchen.

This recipe was designed to entice taste buds of my very savvy Julie, who is a savorychick in the making. In a recent picture from Anja, Julie was making and eating sushi! Very impressive for a five year old, don't you think?

So nothing fancy, here, except for morsels of chocolate and butterscotch raptured in a fluffy cinnamon batter accented with crunchy walnuts. Sweet velvety pancake is sure to please the palate of any age, young and old. I tested these pancakes on my father and it was a home run as well!

Happiest of birthday wishes to the sweetest little girls, who are growing up fast into beautiful young ladies.  I am blessed to have such a thoughtful and kind friend who sends me pictures capturing glimpses of their precious lives. Thank you Anja for blessing me with the beauty of your friendship and the joy of having the cutest little god-children in the world.

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