October 21, 2016

Hazelnut Bread; Healthy and Gluten Free

by Marjan
You must understand, I hesitate putting the word healthy in the title post. Even though my meals generally gravitate towards eating healthy, I personally scrimmage at recipes that claim to be healthy because either they tend to lack flavor or are simply unpalatable. For years, I have boasted never having been on a diet. Just the word diet alone gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach and I don't like to torture myself to look a certain way.

Everyday, I make conscious decisions about foods I consume and really try to make balanced choices so that I never deprive myself of anything.  That is why I am really excited about my recipe for hazelnut bread! I couldn't wait to share it with you! In this recipe, yeast and sugar have been omitted. Honey, flax seeds and hazelnuts provide a sweet crunchy bite that is delicious and nutritious. Best part of all, from start to finish, it will only take you an hour and half to make this loaf of bread!  This bread is a complete sweet bite which can be enjoyed in the morning with your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

October 14, 2016

My Favorite Lasagna Recipe

by Marjan

Please don't brush off this recipe simply because it isn't fashionable to consume carbs, dairy and beef together anymore. Lasagna is a classic Italian dish; my recipe is equally classic using basic ingredients, nothing fancy or complicated! The recipe I'm sharing with you is not a modern day version of lasagna; contrary, it is the basic, delicious lasagna you perhaps enjoyed as a youngster. In the past, I shared with you classic recipes that I feel made a comeback such as Shepherd's Pie. Now I'm hoping you will put aside the latest diet fads, and treat yourself to this comforting, satisfying, delicious Italian dish.
Organic ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese, grass fed and finished beef produce a very rich, comforting, and delicious meal. Everything in moderation has always been my philosophy with food. I never deprive myself of anything so that I can always enjoy everything! The key is moderation and balance. My personal serving for lasagna is usually a 2x2 inch portion along with large serving of Mediterranean green salad using high quality extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice as dressing.
I'm certain I am not the first person you think of when it comes to Italian cuisine and I definitely do not consider myself well versed in Italian cooking; but I promise you, this delicious, cheesy, satisfying lasagna recipe will become your staple nights you crave an authentic Italian meal. Not only is this recipe easy to make, it can be prepared on the weekend and baked on any busy weeknight and consumed throughout the week as an equally delicious leftover.
I hope my favorite recipe will soon become yours!

September 30, 2016

Can Your Canned Fish! Fresh Salmon Salad

by Marjan
We feel incredibly blessed and delighted when friends and loyal readers give us positive feedback on our Savorychicks recipes. All the encouragement from our followers has kept this blog growing since 2009! I can't believe it has been over seven years! Thank you for your support.
We are honored to share some of our favorite recipes with you which inspires us to become better cooks and bloggers!

One of our early favorite posts was for my tuna fish sandwich recipe.  As you and my friends know by now, I prefer to cook from scratch.  Therefore consuming tuna fish or even tomato paste or sauce from a can or jar, just doesn't cut it for me.  We make our own tomato paste, so why not our own 'canned fish'? Eating farm to table at the ranch, our meals are fresh and full of flavor; prepackaged ingredients fail to carry over the taste and nutritional value I prefer when cooking.

Necessity is the mother to creativity! Instead of complaining about unhealthy canned tuna fish, why not make my own? Usually when I cook fish for my family, I end up with left overs. Does anyone like left over fish? Now, whenever I buy a large fish, I cook one half of my fish with my favorite dressing (such as last weeks recipe for passion fruit glaze or saffron and sumac baked salmon) and the other half of the fish, I simply seasoned it with salt, pepper and olive oil.

I baked the fish at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  We devoured the one with my dressing on it; no left overs here! With the other half, I removed the skin and with two forks, shred it into chunks. The following day, I dress and season my fish with robust flavor using fresh ingredients such as lime, chopped bell peppers, celery, and onions; my transformed, home made tuna doesn't taste like left overs! Impressively, there is a noticeable lack of 'fishy' taste and smell of canned tuna; my taste buds flourish with flavors which are rich, pure, clean, and robust!

I highly recommend canning your canned tuna! When making your own, you control the quality of fish and also do away with all the preservatives used to store fish on shelves for months!
Instead of tuna, try salmon as I did for my Salmon Salad which I love to eat with bread as a sandwich. Whether you serve this recipe as a salad, sandwich or appetizer, it is simply delicious, tasty, healthy, and rich with protein and vegetables. Save your canned tuna for camping trips instead!