June 20, 2015

Nargeci Esfenaj- Sautéd Spinach with Eggs

by Marjan

Want to create a quick, delicious, nutritious meal with less than five ingredients in thirty minutes? Then allow me to introduce you to a classic Persian spinach and egg dish, Nargeci.

Our garden this year is blessed with an abundance of spinach, kale, and arugula. Of course, all these super foods serve well uncooked, such as in salads. For a change and to create a warm satisfying meal that is quick and easy to make, I often give my super green leafy vegetables a quick saute and serve them with a side of protein.

Nargeci is an easy, Persian vegetarian meal which does just that. Onions are first caramelized with turmeric. Spinach is sautéed just enough until leaves are wilted. I sometimes substitute kale, arugula, and even leaves of beets for variety and convenience. Eggs are cracked on top and baked off in the oven to create an iron and protein rich meal that will make your taste buds happy, your doctor pleased, your dietitian asking you for the recipe, and your body glowing with health on the inside and out! I'm certain if Olive Oyl made this dish for Popeye the Sailor Man, he would eat Nargeci instead of spinach out of a can!

June 6, 2015

Good dEATs - a lovely vegan restaurant in Potsdam/Berlin

by Anja

I recently spent a couple of days in my lovely home town Potsdam - right outside Berlin. And while most of our meals have been homemade, I also ventured out for breakfast once. With sadness I had to realize that my once favorite breakfast place Lekker Snoepjes had closed ist doors for good. But the good news was that it's been replaced by good dEAts - a wonderful vegan chocolate manufacturer and coffee place. Open for breakfast and afternoon cakes and coffee as well as a Friday vegan burger night.

I had a lovely little breakfast in the cozy courtyard - organic tea and a sweet breakfast with nut butters, jams and fresh fruit. But they also serve hearty breakfasts, smoothies and a lot more. So if you're in Berlin, make sure to stop by, it's definitely worth it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the owners of good dEATs and have not received any kind of compensation for my little article. I am recommending this place simply because I enjoyed it a lot.

May 23, 2015

Caramelized Onion with Goat Cheese Tart

by Marjan

Recently, Anja sent me adorable pictures of her sweet little daughters picnicking in Bern. The sky was expansive crisp blue, the sun was bright and inviting, the grass was green and full of promise, and I am certain her picnic basked was filled with delicious treats for her family. Thank you Anja for inspiring me to take advantage of our beautiful weather here in Southern California and plan picnics with my friends and family.

The key for planning a fun picnic is to have easy to transport food that is satisfying and delicious. Fun snacks to munch on, fruit, drinks and of course, dessert is usually what I like to pack in my basket. For my upcoming picnic, I have decided to prepare my recipe for Caramelized Onion with Goat Cheese Tart as the main course. I can make it the night before so the day of the picnic, we can just pack up and head out to enjoy our day. Sweet caramelized onions paired with slightly salty goat cheese baked in an easy to make shell, topped with crunchy pine nuts is a complete tasty and hearty dish.

Of course, serving this beautiful tart as an appetizer or as a vegetarian main course for gatherings works equally well.

Wishing you fun filled parties and picnics!

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