August 16, 2014

Curry Vegetable Lasagna

by Marjan

Layers of vegetable, accented with spices from the east, brought together with a velvety texture of coconut milk and lime zest- are you ready to try my vegetarian lasagna unlike any other recipe out there?
I personally love my recipe for beef lasagna. I hope to share it with you in future blogs. My family and friends always ask me to make it for them on special occasions. It is a classic Italian recipe with all the pleasures of indulging herbs, tomato, ricotta cheese, and beef based flavors.

However, lately, I have found myself eating much healthier which means excluding recipes which require meats, processed pasta, and cheese. No matter how healthy I prefer to eat, I can never substitute taste and flavor for the sake of eating healthy! Therefore, with the abundance of vegetables available from our garden, I am constantly substituting coconut milk in place of cream and cheese; quinoa as my protein base; and using vegetables instead of pasta, bread and rice to satisfy my hunger.

In this recipe, I do use 6-8 sheets of lasagna; however, using curry and coconut milk, really sets this preparation of flavors apart from any other recipe out there for vegetarian lasagna. The ingredients are versatile, therefore you can incorporate any vegetables you already have such as bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. Try it, I’m certain you will love it!

August 2, 2014

Blackberry Cupcakes

by Anja

It's a pretty disappointing summer here in Switzerland. Many cool and rainy days - sometimes it rains for days at a row. Some areas are flooded, and our river carries way too much water for save swimming. So instead of enjoying summer actvities outdoors, I find myself in the kitchen much more than I would usually do during the short summer months.

At least this way I have a chance to honor the short summer. For example with these blackberry cupcakes.  Easy to make, light and fluffy and perfect to enjoy even on rainy summer days. When it looks like fall outside, these cupcakes are a sweet reminder it actually is summer. We keep our hopes up for August to make up July.

July 19, 2014

Summer Nights and Focaccia Bread

by Anja

Finally, summer is back here in Switzerland. We got a lot of cold and rainy days here recently and are so excited for the hot sunny days. We try to spend as much time outdoors as work and life allows. Time in the kitchen is cut back to the absolute minimum. We barbeque or eat simple, fresh salads that are prepared in no time (such as this one or this or these). I like to add focaccia bread to our meals. Sometimes just as a simple side dish, sometimes topped with fresh parmesan cheese, prosciutto, arugula or figs. It's great for any summer evening. We enjoy it as appetizers or side dishes at barbeque parties or as a simple mid-week dinner, accompanied by a nice glass of chilled wine.

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