The silence on our blog and something new to share

by Anja

You may have noticed that it's gotten pretty quiet around here. While we still enjoy food, our friendship and culinary travels, our focus has changed. As years gone by, some of us moved on to work on other projects, some of us simply didn't feel inspired to create new recipes or review restaurant experiences anymore. Our little blog has always been a project of love and passion. And these things cannot be faked. If we don't really feel inspired to share a new recipe, or simply don't find the time to sit down and write, it will not turn into anything great or meaningful.

But even though there are not many new recipes here at the moment, there's a wealth of amazing recipes to be found in our archives. Many of you check them regularly and use our blog as a cookbook. That's why we will keep our blog alive, so you can always come back here for your favorite recipes.

We may pop up here every once in while and share a new recipe or an outstanding restaurant experience, but certainly not as regularly as we used to. We may also share some of our new projects here.

Today I'll start with my recent little adventure.


For the past few years my family and I have been spending our summers in South of France. We've enjoyed the abundant fresh produce and the outstanding artisanal foods this region has to offer. Visiting the many local markets we have discovered some products that we fell in love with and wanted to bring home to Switzerland. This is how the idea of our little fine food store was born.

Earlier this year we opened our little webshop Lo+June selling artisanal French food for connoisseurs. Spoiler alert: for now we only ship within Switzerland. But for all our Swiss readers, you might want to read on.

All our products are made by selected French farmers and artisans. We know them all personally and appreciate the great passion they have for making their products. We deliberately take a slow approach with our store. We start with a small selection and we will slowly add more products. But we want to take our time, meet producers, learn more about their crafts, taste their products. And if we're in love with what they have to offer, you'll find their products in our shop.

Hopefully the lockdown will be lifted soon, so we can travel back to our beloved South of France, visit more farmers and artisans and scout for new products. 

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From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
Artisanal French products in our Swiss fine food boutique