Persian Cucumber, Cheese, Sesame & Sriracha

by Marjan

It's been a while since I posted a quick and easy appetizer recipe; so here it is!

Sliced Persian cucumbers, topped with cream cheese, black and white sesame seeds and Sriracha! To make these beautiful bites slightly more fancy, slice cucumbers lengthwise with a potato peeler, place cream cheese on one end and roll up cucumber; secure with toothpicks, sprinkle with sesame and top with Sriracha.

Addicting, prepare 2-3 slices per guest. This bitesize finger food is perfect for hosting larger gatherings as cucumbers may be sliced a day ahead and stored in a tightly sealed bag. I recommend placing cream cheese in a cake piping bag with a larger tip. Hours prior to your guests arrival, pipe cheese onto cucumbers and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Wait until the last minute to finish off with Sriracha on top (as it does bleed overtime).
Ingredients and supplies needed: Persian cucumbers, soft creme cheese, black and white sesame seeds, and Sriracha. Prepare as many as you like; therefore, I will leave amount per ingredient up to your number of guests.
Additional supplies: toothpick, decorative piping bag with large tip
Optional: herbs may be added to cheese such as thyme or basil. And creamy goat cheese may be substituted for cream cheese

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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