Seven Avoidable Mistakes To Make A Perfect Omelet!

by Kristen

Savorychicks is pleased to introduce you to our guest host Kristen, founder and chief editor of Taste Insight, a blog about nutrition and vegetarian food. With easter around the corner, its time to buy a lot of eggs and start decorating! But not all the eggs! Save some to eat. Here are some basic useful tidbits to help you make the perfect omelet.

The omelet is a popular breakfast all over the world and has become a staple in many breakfast buffets. Let’s face it, nothing beats a fluffy well-cooked omelet for breakfast. The ease of preparation can also save time; if so, there is no excuse to skip breakfast when running late.
Omelet can be quite easy to make, but it’s also fairly easy to ruin. The perfect omelet should be firm on the outside and a little runny on the inside of the fold. It may take practice to make a perfect omelet. I will show you easy baby steps towards a perfect omelet for breakfast.
Start with avoiding the following:
1.) Uneven whisk.
Ever wondered why you get that uneven texture and white spots on your omelet? It has more to do with what you didn’t do vs. what you did do. A few whisks won’t make the cut. You will always get that tuff texture if you don’t mix the yolk and the whites thoroughly.
You can easily fix this with vigorous whisking and aim for a silky yellow mixture. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to taste!
2.) Flipping too early.

I am guilty of making scrambled eggs when I initially intended to make an omelet. This is the first amateur mistake. If you flip eggs too early, you will end up with a ruined runny slush of eggs. 
Now on your next try, be patient. When your eggs are halfway done, with the topside still runny, lift the edge and gently place it on top of the other half. If you are feeling like an expert, give it a quick flip on edge.
3.) Mixed fillings.
Another mistake is mixing the fillings with the egg and beating it profusely. You can still manage to get a good scrambled egg out of it. If you mix your mushrooms, chilis, and other ingredients with the eggs, you are adding more fluid to the eggs which gives you a runny omelet.
Cook your other ingredients first before mixing in your egg to avoid having too much moisture in your omelet; or simply, add ingredients minutes before your flip your eggs.
4.) Uneven heat.
With uneven heat, you get an unevenly cooked omelet. This will make it difficult to flip your egg as some parts are still too runny while the others are firm and overcooked.
To address this, simply place pan in the center of the stove. Set it to medium heat and wait for it to get a little smoky before pouring your egg mixture.
5.) Too much liquid ingredient.
Milk is one of the main ingredients of pancakes. But we are making omelets here! Adding liquid ingredients can thin your egg mixture and make them runny! Avoid using liquid ingredients like milk and cream to get a firmer outside and runny inside.
6.) Don’t eat eggshells.
Self explanatory right? Crack each egg in a smaller bowl and one by one add it to your mixing bowl. 
7.) Bad eggs.
This too is pretty obvious, yeah? Why would you use bad eggs? Well, nobody wants to use bad eggs, but there are times that some eggs on your tray come from a different batch. Make sure that your eggs have a slightly rough texture and free from cracks. When you see a crack, discard the egg. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms may have entered and proliferated inside the egg which may cause sickness.

Eggs are delicious and nutritious for breakfast. Make them into omelets and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast. Though they are relatively easy to make, there are some things you can easily miss. Taking on this list can help you save some eggs and time!
You may think of these as something you already know, but you may find flipping them a little difficult at first. But then, there is always the difficult task of flipping omelets at first. My advise is use plenty of butter or cooking oil and keep practicing and trying. It will come with time.
There is no magic formula to cooking and making that great omelet with runny insides. You just have to be careful and watchful when you are cooking them!
If you love omelets too, feel free to share this page! Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

My name is Kristin, and I'm a housewife with big love for cooking. When I'm not bringing on the Food Network and attempting to become America's Next Top Chef, I'm browsing online for unique recipes to awe my friends with. Now I 'm a founder and main editor for Taste Insight, my blog about nutrition and vegetarian food!


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