Tea Time Entertaining

by Marjan

Here in southern California, summer days in the month of August appear shorter and seamlessly weave into cooler summer nights. The serenity and comforting evening breeze of nightfall makes it easy to forgive the triple digit temperatures. Even though it is hot,  I still love to entertain.

Wanting to keep my meals cool and refreshing, I enjoy inviting my friends when the sun is still shining bright but the weather is beginning to cool down promising a glorious sunset. Who doesn't like tea time and petite sandwiches? Light and refreshing finger foods require minimal use of a hot stove or oven. To keep it easy and enjoyable for myself, I prepare everything in advance and serve delicious bites on beautiful platters to tantalize my guest's taste buds.

From hot, cold, spiked tea or coffee to icy homemade lemonade, I cool everyone's body temperature upon arrival and keep them happy and inspired with delicious, beautiful decorated food.

Easy to prepare, healthy, delightful both visually and to the palate, these petite sandwiches will please all your guests!

Hope your summer parties are filled with cheer and delicious bites!
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Challah or pumpernickel bread
1 English cucumber
4 Persian cucumbers
Any soft cheese of your choice such as goat, cream cheese, or blue cheese
heirloom tomatoes
2-3 radishes

Cut out bite size bread using any shape or simple squares with a knife or cookie cutter utensils.
Toast in a preheated oven for 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees.

Using a potato peeler, remove sections of English cucumber's outer peel to create strips. Using a flat knife, cut even slices of both English and Persian cucumbers into 1/8" each.

Using larger heirloom tomatoes, also cut into equal size of cucumbers.

Chop basil and blend in with goat or cream cheese.  For variety, blue cheese may be used, in which case basil is not necessary.

Place one slice of English cucumber on top of toasted bread. I prefer to use decorative frosting dispenser tips to spread cheese on top of cucumber followed by either tomatoes or Persian cucumber. Then top it with a dab of cheese, smaller heirloom tomatoes, or radish.  Be creative, using different varieties of layers, cheeses, herbs, and vegetables!



From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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