Salmon Sashimi with Pomegranate, Cilantro and Spring Onion

by Anja

My favorite appetizer these days is this amazingly simple, yet extremely delicious sashimi style dish. I am still waiting for Nobu to open a restaurant in Switzerland. Until then, I'll have to fly across the ocean to enjoy some Nobu Sushi at my favorite one, or I simply come up with my own creations. Not that I would ever attempt to imitate Nobu, but I am so bored by the same old, uncreative sushi plates offered here in Switzerland that I rather try to do my own.

As always, the simpler recipe and the fewer the ingredients, the better quality of the ingredients has to be. Make sure everything you buy for this appetizer is as fresh as possible. Buy salmon that has been fished sustainably (look for the MSC Label). For the herbs and fruit, go organic whenever you can. Not only will you do good for your health and the environment, but it will taste so much better.

Ingredients (for one person, appetizer-size, adjust for the number of people you plan to serve)

about 100g/ 3.5 oz. very fresh salmon filet
about 2 tablespoons thinly sliced scallion/spring onion
about 2 tablespoons fresh pomegrante seeds
about 2 tablespoon fresh cilanro leaves
about 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
about 1-2 tablespoons soy sauce (optional)

Thinly slice the salmon and arrange on a plate or platter.
Spinkle onions, cilantro and pomegranate seeds over fish and drizzle with lemon juice and soy sauce.

Enjoy immediately!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
Artisanal French products in our Swiss fine food boutique