Parachute Chicago

by Sun

My favorite eating place has been changing quite often nowadays. When I declare on one restaurant to be my favorite, that belief doesn't seem to last for more than 1 or 2 years after going back two or three times.

That's how hard it is to achieve consistency with food! After letting the whole world know that one certain place is the best in town, it's not a good feeling to take back your declaration, but it needs to be done.

I have returned to Parachute 4 times now and I'm glad to tell you that the food is as good as the first time!!! I like Parachute for many reasons. Naturally, the food is the key, but it also has a cozy and creative atmosphere, brilliantly but casually brought to light by the organic interior space design which repurposes materials not usually seen.

We love the wall-long cabnite-shelves, made old speakers from the 1970s which individually are a bit ugly, but together make quite a statement, and they actually work. There is long rectangular lamp (made out of compressed plywood) that continues over the bar and communal table and work as the main lighting of the entire dining room. Even the curtains are made of parachute fabric. Nothing is overly stated or calls for attention here. Everything just feels right and down to earth.

Beverly and John are a husband and wife team. Beverly worked in Chicago's premiere restaurants and competed in Top Chef - an American reality show.

Having your own restaurant seems to be her natural next step. I met them at a friend's party a couple of years ago. Back then, their plan was to open a Korean street food inspired restaurant in the South side of Chicago but obviously the plan changed completely regarding the kind of food and location.
Parachute is a fusion of Korean and International cuisine. The location is little further on the North side. For me, It doesn't matter where the restaurant is. I'll drive for good food wherever it is!

If you are in the mood to taste something you haven't tasted before parachute yourself down to Parachute and be delighted!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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