Mallorca - Almonds, Figs & Flor de Sal

by Anja

How I love our annual trips to Mallorca!! When summer comes to an end here in Switzerland we get a few more days of nice summer weather at the island. The perfect ending to my favorite season of the year. Also, traveling to Mallorca early September means it's harvest and forage time. Since we always stay at our finca rural which is surrounded by endless trees we get to enjoy fruits picked fresh from the tree. Mainly almonds and figs. We eat them by the dozen...

But there are pomegranates, too.

We also found red pepper, olives, lemons and oranges.

And then, we went shopping for flor de sal. At the Es Trenc salines, wonderful flor de sal is harvested. We brought home several tins that will accompany our meals for many dinners to come, and also make a nice addition to our food baskets we like to give to family and friends for Christmas.

And what would a visit to Spain be without local Cava?

We had wonderful, excellent meals at Son Mas, but it's the simple things I'll remember most. Mallorca - and especially Son Mas - I adore you!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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