Happy Mother's Day

by Marjan

I know its September but isn’t everyday mother’s day? Who decided it has to be the second Sunday of May?
Recently, Anja sent me a text letting me know Julie Lo (my sweet goddaughter who I have not seen in six months because she lives in Switzerland) sings “Happy Birthday Marjan” every day. I felt her birthday wishes. Julie Lo might be two years old, but from the mouth of babes we hear the truth! She has the right concept: why can’t we celebrate everyday those that we love? I know it is hard to do, but I am not going to allow calendars to dictate when it’s time to celebrate my mother’s love, touch, wisdom, and grace.
So to all the mother’s out there: “Happy Mother’s Day”!
I write quite often about our ranch, fresh organic herbs, fruits and vegetables from our garden, the honey we cultivate, and our healthy eggs and chicken we raise. None of it would be possible without the insight, wisdom, and courageous planning of my mother. Everything we plant, grow, and eat is inspired by my mother’s vision from decades ago. She instilled in me the desire to not only grow my own food, keep it organic, but to also make healthy meal choices. My mother cultivated this savorychick!

Based on her family history and multiple health complications, we are blessed everyday my mother is with us! I contribute her extraordinary state of vibrancy to her larger than life spirit and the food she serves her soul-inside and out.
As you know, most of my recipes come from her; most of the ingredients come from her diligence in the garden. Of course, all of her vision is brought to life with my father’s support, love, hard work, and of course, patience. How lucky am I?

I share this with you to inspire you: It doesn’t matter how small your garden is or if you only have a balcony, consider growing your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. You will see, not only does everything taste better, but it is guaranteed organic ( I have lost faith in most products labeled ‘certified organic’ or even some ingredients sold at farmer’s market: they say it is organic, but not verified). Home grown ingredients are gifts to the palate and the entire body! It is the best present you can give to yourself!

Happy Mother’s day, mom! There are not enough days in the year to celebrate all the gifts of life you bestowed upon me.

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
Artisanal French products in our Swiss fine food boutique