Lunch - The Film

by Marjan

I’m so inspired when I hear: “Our children today are our hopes for a better future”. We believe the future will somehow be better without really understanding how that will transpire?  What efforts do we take to confidently promote this belief?  Yes, information, technology, and science have advanced dramatically within the last decades. But has the quality of life?

I recently watched the documentary Lunch - The Film; Education Starts From The Ground Up! It validates my personal and professional opinion that with all our advances, we have lost our most basic necessities to sustain life: a healthy diet. Lunch exposes the reality of what children today are being fed for lunch at schools. This documentary took me back to when I was a little girl in elementary school.  When I first came to America, I had no idea what I was eating, nor did I care! I was hungry and that is all that mattered! School lunches for me did not last long! My mother was wise enough to quickly realize, school lunch would never be as nutritious as what she would prepare for me. Thank goodness she had this wisdom.

Lunch showed the grim fact that in today’s school lunch, there is no regard for nutrition.  The system is based on a caloric content with government budget interference destroying even more a ‘broken system’.  This documentary did shine a bright light at what a couple of schools across the country are doing to change the arrangement: educate children from the ground up! Show them how to plant seeds, grow fresh ingredients, cook and then eat what they have diligently produced! Not only will this help children appreciate fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, but also expose them to healthy eating habits!

I know for a fact this system works… as it has in my own personal life.  Since I moved to San Diego, we started growing and eating our own fruits and vegetables, and therefore, I have developed an appreciation for healthier eating habits! Before, I used to eat my green veggies because ‘it was good for me, and I did not want to waste it’! Now I eat my vegetables because I value the hard work and beauty of nature to produce a gift to sustain life in the healthiest way!

Child obesity is at an all time high in America. Despite all the political campaigns to change our eating habits, not much has changed! These campaigns focus on adults to make the change. But what if the system from the ‘ground up’ where to change with nutrition at schools? Not only will the school system change the eating habit of kids, but also their parents! Brilliant!

I hope Lunch will help launch this movement!

Lunch - The Film is available here.

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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