Remembering... A Wedding & Il Paradiso, Mallorca

by Sun

Anja's recent visit to Miami was so much fun! Marjan came from San Diego and made this reunion even more festive.

When Anja left Miami for Switzerland in 2008, I didn't know how much we would be seeing of each other in the future. But it turns out that we got to see each other once or twice every year and our friendship has gotten deeper. It's amazing how easy it is to maintain close relationships with your friends these days with all the technologies at hand despite the geographical distances. Since I don't have any sisters or close relatives, friendship has been very important part of my life.

One of our reunions was Anja's wedding in Mallorca Spain August 2010.
Anja and Roland had their dream wedding with close friends and family at the Hotel Finca Son Mas.

The hotel was one of the most peaceful and serene places I have ever seen. When we first arrived, we were surprised to see no one was at the front door to greet the guests. After wandering around for a few minutes, a lady finally came to greet us and helped us to our rooms. Her name was Inma and she was in charge of the hotel operation, doing everything from greeting, guest check in/out, food requests, etc..... The hotel only has 16 rooms and most of the guests hadn't arrived yet. I soon realized that this wasn't a typical hotel we were used to.

Feeling the calmness, and the tranquility of the place, I felt this was going to be a perfect place for an intimate wedding and a wonderful way to spend the next 5 days to celebrate, relax, and enjoy the happy occasion. Friends and family started to arrive all the way from Seoul, Miami, Chicago, L.A., Berlin, Hamburg & Bern.

The next few days were absolutely peaceful and mellow. First day after breakfast, we went down to the pool until lunch time. Then one of us went to the hotel office and spoke with Inma to find out what's on the menu for lunch. Then she came back relating the menu to the rest of the group and we placed the order and we either had the food brought to the pool or went and ate at the dining room.
This was how food was ordered in general... without a menu. First time we thought it was a little strange but we got used to it quickly and even enjoyed the relaxed way of things around the place.

One day, the girls took Anja to Son Brull Hotel in Pollenca for lunch. Son Brull is a converted 12th century monastery that used to be inhabited by monks. This is one of those old historical buildings that is transformed into modern luxury with state of art technology. I get so excited when I see these historical buildings restored and designed well for modern purposes.

The wedding day started out calm with quiet excitement. Anja was a happy and beautiful bride! The hair, make up, dress, and everything else you worry about as a bride had merged effortlessly. The reception started close to sunset. The tables were set outdoors and were quite romantic and elegant as our bride and groom. We all ate, sang, and danced until late into the night covered in bright shinny glowing stars.

The final day, a few of us ventured out to downtown Mallorca. The town was lively with all the tourists activities. All the restaurants were full and there were long lines in front of the Cathedral Le Seu. The narrow allies were packed with shops and bustling crowds.

After all day of enjoying downtown Mallorca, we arrived at Il Paradiso , which is a gorgeous restaurant with a fantastic view of the ocean. This is a must place if you are in Mallorca! If you go, make a reservation for the outdoor terrace, and request a front table. Also arrive before sunset so you can appreciate the view before it gets dark. The food was yummy and satisfying, seafood pasta, grilled fish, risotto... they were all good. It would have been very disappointing if a restaurant with such great ambience with breathtaking views had disappointing food, but thankfully, that wasn't the case. Thank ***!

Thanks Anja and Roland for planning such a beautiful time for all of us! We shall remember it forever. Thank you Roland for being found by Anja!
You are a wonderful dad and husband. We all love you both very much.

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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