Easy Appetizers for the New Year's Party

by Marjan

Time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the season and bring in the New Year! Personally, I need more time to plan and prepare for all the festivities associated with the Holidays. Buying gifts, decorating the house, creating a menu to show your loved ones how much you care to entertain all of their senses. Love is in the details!

If your parties are like mine, most of our guests love to gather in the kitchen. I personally don’t like decorate with ornaments and garments a room filled with aromas and oils of all the food galvanized throughout the holidays. Therefore, I use fruits and vegetables to fill the kitchen with the colors and the abundant flavors of this time of the year. Cinnamon sticks, squash, oranges, pomegranates and apples are a few of my favorite items to decorate in a holiday platter, bowl, or simply next to candles to fill my kitchen with the spirit of the season.

After Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, I think most of us have had it with laboring over a hot stove for New Years! That’s why for New Years, the food should be easy to prepare: fast, quick and easy. For appetizers, it should be easy finger food, scrumptious and festive! The classic guacamole, chips and salsa are fun and delicious, but don’t really showcase the season.

Instead of putting out crackers, cheese and wine, take it a step further: on a silver platter (or any holiday/festive flat platter), spread individual pieces of your favorite butter cracker one by one. On top of crackers, place a thin slice of your favorite cheese such as Muenster, Gouda, Swiss, cheddar, etc. Slice equal amounts of green and red apples into thin wedges, toss in a small bowl with one lemon zest and its juices. Take one of green and red apples and garnish on top of the cheese crackers. Chop chives and sprinkle on top!

Crackers, cheese, green and red apples decorated with chives: holiday appetizer easy to make, visually festive, and delicious all in one bite! Grab a glass of wine, make a wish and let’s bring in the New Year with those we love.Best wishes for the New Year to our loyal readers. I bid you and your families a year filled with hope, peace, health, love and joy!

The savorychicks wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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