Takashi & Upcoming Slurping Turtle

by Sun

If you like a small and cozy place that is not too loud and has great food in Chicago, Takashi is it. The food is French-American with Japanese influences. It's a couple of blocks away from the busy Bucktown center of North avenue and Milwaukee Avenue.

As the name suggests, the chef and owner Takashi is Japanese and was born and raised in Japan. He has been cooking since he was 16 years old and continued to work in restaurants while he received his interior design degree from the Tokyo design school.

He worked in larger restaurants such as Okada at Wynn in Las Vegas and Tribute in Detroit Michigan, winning many awards along the way. It seems like it was a natural course for him to start his own venture in a smaller scale where he has many loyal local customers such as myself, giving him an opportunity to offer his creations in a warm and very intimate setting.

Takashi has small menu but it changes regularly. Each and every dish is very tasty and fresh. Although the portions aren't too big, so you can probably be better off doing Tapa style and share, which is my normal preference any way.

Takashi is opening another restaurant called 'Slurping Turtle' in the River North area next month serving noodle dishes, sashimi, steamed shumai and miso marinated black cod, etc ... Yum! It's a more casual place than Takashi and I can't wait to be slurping away all the noodle dishes. I love noodles! Americans eat Hamburgers or Pizza for lunch, many of the Asian countries eat Noodles for lunch. I would love to see more American eat noodles than Hamburgers. It surely is lighter and healthier way to be.

There are so many new good restaurants popping up in Chicago that I'm having a hard time catching up with them. As you can imagine I'm super excited about it! Stay tuned for more new and exciting restaurants in Chicago...

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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