Best Coffee Places in Southern California: Part III - La Jolla

by Marjan

Summer travels bring many tourists to southern California. La Jolla, San Diego is a major attraction for those who want to enjoy perfect weather, beautiful beaches, scenic coves, art galleries, and of course restaurants. In my previous post I begged our readers to recommend a café in San Diego - I had Los Angeles and Orange County covered! One of our loyal readers, and my good friend Nazy, was sweet enough to introduce to me Bird Rock Café . “Ask and you shall receive!” Amen! Thanks Nazy. Now my friends in San Diego won’t have to listen to me complain repetitively on how “I can’t find a good cup of joe in San Diego!”

As with most eateries in San Diego, Bird Rock Café is a simple, low key hang out. From a block away, you can smell the coffee brew to perfection. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done quite well. Next door to the Bird Rock is a low-carb, gluten free bakery: Julian Bakery . We purchased our bread for the following day’s breakfast and sweets to enjoy with our coffee. I was pleasantly surprised with the wholesome flavors of my brownie and macaroons (which were my favorite). Excited over my new coffee place in San Diego, our friends and I sat outside in the patio to enjoy my first really good cup of coffee in San Diego and sweets. Coincidentally, one of our friends named ‘Joe’ parked his car right out in front of us, and in a mad rush proceeded to walk across the street to his local Starbucks. I had to stop him in his tracks! “Joe, friends don’t let friends drink at Starbuck!”

Thanks Nazy, for insisting and treating us to the best Coffee in San Diego. Bird Rock does it right!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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