Portland, Oregon: For the love of cupcakes alone!

by Marjan

One word for why I fell in love with Portland: Cupcakes! Seriously!!! As you may well have read in past posts, I have been on the search for good coffee spots and cupcakes. Thousands of cupcakes inhaled; many pounds gained; many highs and lows. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I take my job seriously! As a savorychick, it is my responsibility to taste every red velvet cupcake out there before I recommend the best to you. And the winner is: Cupcake Jones in Portland!

For Jones’ cupcake alone, I will gladly revisit Portland again and again. You best go there on a Wednesday: they feature German Chocolate Cupcake! The best I have ever had. Seriously!!!

Well, that is the highlight of my trip. But there are other avenues outside of cupcakes that made my last trip to Portland memorable.

If it was not for the rain, I would definitely move there: Portland has the nicest, most sincere, down to earth locals I have ever met. The pace of life is serene and simple. Most people have a ‘green’ state of mind and a fever for outdoor activities. Even in this tough economy, I got the sense that there is opportunity at every corner. There is a lot of untapped potential in Portland.
The culinary world is uncomplicated, but I know in years to come, it will make Alice Waters proud! Organic eating, simple dishes, fusion, blended with thriftiness makes it easy to enjoy Portland cuisine. Let’s not forget the breweries: the pride of Portland locals!

I stayed in a charming hotel in Portland de Luxe: Hollywood charm, elegance, and hospitable. The concierges (thank you Claire for making our trip extraordinary!) made so many wonderful restaurant recommendations. It was unfortunate we did not have a month to stay in Portland! Here are some of my recommendations: For sushi, try Bamboo; Peruvian, try Andina; pub/bar, try Cassidy’s; brewery, try Deschutes and Rogue; Thai, try Pok Pok; and then there are the vending trucks!

A downtown square block packed with all variety of cuisines served via vending trucks ranging from hot dogs to Japanese. Quick, tasty, and easy eating: however, difficult to find a place to sit down and enjoy your meal. One of my favorites was ‘The Whole Bowl’, serving only one dish! This stand had the longest line. Customers brought their own bowl and had it filled with rice, beans, Tali sauce, cheese, sour cream, avocado, cilantro and salsa: simple, healthy, delicious and surprisingly filling!

Pok Pok was the star restaurant of all the ones we tried. A modest restaurant serving dishes bursting with flavor. Unlike most Thai restaurants serving traditional dishes such as pad thai or panang, Pok Pok had a menu unfamiliar to me. Yet the flavors of lemongrass, curry, kaffire lime, etc. was vividly pronounced in most dishes. A must try!

If you have a ‘green’ state of mind, are on a budget (no state tax!), and are looking for the best cupcakes in the United States, Portland Oregon is worth a trip. Happy travels…savorychicks style!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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