Sake Blue Miami

We are sorry to inform you that Sake Blue Miami has gone out of business just a few months after this article was published.

by Sun

I'm delighted to share another great eating place in Miami! The Winter in Miami is absolutely beautiful. It has the perfect temperature between 70º - 82º for the most of the Winter season which last for 5 - 6 months. That's half of the year! Since we started to spend Winters here, I've wondered why more people aren't living in Miami?

When you think of Miami, people immediately think of Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road in South Beach. They often think that's all Miami has to offer and you are very wrong to say the least :). Because I was the person who used to think that until I started to live here. There are many more fun neighborhoods and areas with great restaurants for you to visit. The Lincoln Road is always fun and lively and the Ocean Drive.... personally I'm not too crazy about it. It's all about tourists and can get loud and very crowded. But that's where you can see many of the Art Deco buildings and also has the access to the beach therefore it should definitely be one of the destinations. The part I like on Ocean Drive is South of 5th Street (SoFi) where things are a little calmer and you can still find many good restaurants. But the restaurant I'm reviewing today is in the neighborhood of Coral Gables.

Sake Blue is located on the quiet corner of Altara Avenue and Aurora St. right outside of the beautiful outdoor shopping center called " Village of Merrick Park ". Coral Gables is the oldest neighborhood in Miami with plenty of history and charm. My husband passes by Sake Blue everyday on the way to the gym but for some reasons we never dined there. The Village of Merrick Park is designed like a typical plazas in Europe. From the outside it's just a big walled complex, but once you enter, you will see all the stores, restaurants, and the beautiful landscaping.

When we entered the restaurant, it was quite empty except the bar area and it concerned us a little because we wondered if the food would be good. We had a waiter who came to us and introduced himself which is expected then 2 minutes later, another waiter came and introduced himself and said that he is also a waiter for our table. We liked the attention and the service a lot and didn't feel that they were being overly attentive. Also the manager came by and introduced himself and explained to us about the restaurant and the food.

We decided to do a tapa style and share everything which is normally my preference. Some of the things we had were Lobster Sui and Yellow Tail for sushi rolls, Beef Short Rib & Shiitake Potsticker, Chicken & Leek Skewers, and Lettuce Wraps. They were all good but the Chicken & Leek Skewers were especially good (we had two). Each item was based on a traditional dish but with a twist that we all seem to be looking for these days to keep us interested and curious. They taste better, look more interesting, and add more excitement to the dining experience. Just to clarify, I'm not saying I don't enjoy traditional dishes. We don't drink sake but they have a wide range of sake offerings as the name implies. We will definitely go back and try other dishes. Two thumbs up for the food and the service. Stay tuned for many more great Miami restaurant reviews! Good Eating!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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