Looking for the Best Coffee in Southern California? Part II - Orange County

by Marjan

“I Zinc, therefore, I am”. In Orange County, California, this is so true! That is the reason for Zinc Café and Market’s slogan! Honestly, I have searched high and low for a good coffee spot to call my own during my frequent stays in Orange County. Unfortunately, I have not found anything equivalent to Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, or Intelligentsia in Venice, Los Angeles.

But if you are in Orange County, you have to experience Zinc. There are two locations: Laguna Beach or Corona Del Mar. My personal favorite location is Corona Del Mar, right on Pacific Coast Highway. The crowd is friendly, and so is the service. If you would rather be in a location to mingle, see and be seen, then Laguna Beach is the place to be. Be prepared to fight for a table during their busier times.

Their coffee is the only coffee that can satisfy my palate. What makes Zinc special is the overall experience. It is a café and market place. They have fine selection vegetarian dishes for breakfast and lunch. Their selection or artisan chesses and wine is perfect to grab for a delightful snack or dinner later on. Unique display of candles, soaps, books and kitchen knick-knacks decorate their Market like a chic French country home.

Unlike Blue Bottle Coffee and Intelligentsia which don’t offer breakfast to accommodate your coffee, Zinc serves up a descent joe and good food to go with it. Try my personal favorites: egg omelet burrito or their huevos rancheros! Want something less savory and sweeter? Try their croissant and apple turnovers. They are magnificent.

Please! If you know of any where else in Orange County that this savorychick can find her joe, send me a line!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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