Another Day in Paradise

by Anja

What can I say? How can I even put in words what a paradise the Maldive islands are?? Everything you can possibly imagine. And more!

had just turned 10 months and we finally felt confident to leave her with my parents for 10 days and enjoy our belated honeymoon! Pretty quickly we knew it would have to be the Maldives - a group of islands southwest of India. We picked Baros for our honeymoon and it turned out to be the perfect choice. A beautiful, quiet resort, only a 20-minute boat ride from the Male airport. Everything was perfect, from the very pleasant weather to the wonderful service, our nice villa with direct beach access (a recommendation here: though the water villas look so tempting, a beach bungalow is much, much nicer as you have your own little area of the island with direct beach access). We enjoyed lazy days, with yoga in the morning (once even sunrise yoga at a sandbank in the middle of the ocean - truly relaxing and enlightening), a nice long breakfast, some lazy hours by the beach, nice massages at the beautiful spa (I had the best massages ever with Durga), a sunset bath in our open-air bath-tub (pure luxury!) and great dinners.

The resort features three restaurants: Lime, where an outstanding breakfast buffet is offered and lunch and dinner with tasty, simple choices are served. Think freshly caught local fish, hamburgers or a variety of Asian dishes such as different curries, dumplings or a simple sushi and sashimi selection. It's what I would call the standard, good-quality pool-side restaurant, only that the pool here is the Indian ocean with its amazing colors.

Cayenne Grill we visited only once and it didn't leave a lasting impression.

The Lighthouse is the place to go for outstanding culinary experiences. Start your evening there with a sundowner at their upstairs bar and enjoy the beautiful Maldive sunsets, one of their great drinks (if I recall correctly, more than 30 different martini choices) and nice little appetizers to snack on. Then go downstairs for a truly superb dinner. They offer two degustation menues including wine pairings, but you can also order a la carte. We picked a degustation menu and enjoyed an outstanding cognac flamed lobster bisque, yellowfin tuna with fine herbs, pastry wrapped tiger prawns with mango and passionfruit coulis, crispy skin game duck breast with a sweet potato and thyme cake, and frozen rosehip and hibiscus tea parfait for dessert. All along great choices of wine. Doesn't that just sound heavenly?

There are so many sweet memories of Baros, the culinary ones just a little part. I am sure this will not have been the last time we set foot on this beautiful island.


  1. Tats├Ąchlich unvergesslich. Nicht nur die Insel, sondern auch das Ambiente im Lighthouse!
    Am besten gleich wieder los in Richtung Malediven!

  2. Maldive Island looks like the ultimate place for " Tranquility, Peace, and Relaxation!!! ". I'm glad that you went to such a lovely place for your honeymoon. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon. It wasn't my choice, if you are wondering :).

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