Savorychicks Turn One

Pop the cork! It's time to celebrate - Savorychicks just turn one! It’s been a year of fun and of great learning about foodblogging. We'll definitely keep writing and look forward to sharing more recipes and our culinary experiences with you.

Let us know what you’d like to read about more in the future! Is it about ethnic cuisine? Quick and easy or fancy and elaborate recipes? Maybe our travel and dining experiences? Vote now!

For today, we thought we’d share a bit more about ourselves and asked each other 10 questions.

It's been fun and we learned a thing or two about each other. Share these questions with your friends just for the fun of it.

What makes you smile?
Marjan: Food, of course
Sun: Puppies
Shirl: Waking up early and feeling well-rested
Anja: My daughter, a kiss from my husband, sunshine

What's the life lesson so far?
Anja: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Sun: Be present: looking back, it seems like so many great moments have passed by me without realizing it. Be positive: positive attitude takes you a long way. It's also contagious to others. Spread the energy! Be grateful: for what you have, it keeps you grounded and focused
Marjan: Patience … a work in progress
Shirl: If you want to serve up a great feast, you plan a menu ahead, work on some recipes, and perhaps get some help for the big day. Life is a lot like that: Think about what you want; have a plan

What do you have for breakfast on a regular day?
Sun: A cup of coffee with a small piece of Korean rice cake
Shirl: Tea, baguette, and a little sweet pastry
Anja: A large homemade cafe latte, bread and butter, sometimes honey or homemade jam
Marjan: Toast, butter, honey and tea

Three foods you could easily live without?
Anja: Brussels sprouts, poultry, chocolate
Marjan: Eggplants, horseradish, olives (surprises me too)
Sun: Hot dog, Hamburger, French Fries
Shirl: There’s not much that I don’t like to eat, but here are three: balut, insects, and worms

Three foods you could never live without?
Shirl: Fresh bread, ice cream (Neapolitan), greens (kale, choy sum, bok choy etc)
Anja: Good coffee, good bread, dessert after dinner
Sun: Sushi, shell fish, kimchee (Korean cabbage)
Marjan: Anyone who knows me knows this: butter, bacon, and French fries!

Your newest crave?
Anja: After months of being on a pregnancy diet: a glass of Spanish cava
Marjan: red velvet cup cakes with real cream cheese frosting! Does anyone have a recipe for this???
Sun: A cup of tea with a slice of fruit tart
Shirl: Perfectly-cooked fried eggs -egg white has to be crispy on the bottom but the yolk has to stay runny. Fried egg over pasta; fried egg over salad; fried egg over toast...

Blueberries, raspberries or strawberries?
Shirl: Strawberries
Marjan: Raspberries
Sun: Blueberries and strawberries
Anja: All three of them - the more the better

If on a stranded island, and you had one choice, which would it be? Steak and potatoes? Cheesecake and berries? A hot shower and then a walk on the beach with your favorite model/actor?
Sun: Steak and potatoes
Shirl: Definitely steak and potatoes
Anja: Cheesecake and berries
Marjan: Kobe beef, medium rare, with purple potatoes prepared by Nobu and delivered by George Clooney! (hay, why not? I can dream)

Which food, fruit, or vegetable best describes you/your personality?
Sun: Sugarcane: appears hard but is sweet
Shirl: Ginger beer? A bit bubbly and spicy. Either you like it, or not!
Marjan: Kobe beef - I like to be messaged, drink beer, rest all day...and I am not cheap
Anja: An apple - nothing fancy or posh, a simple fruit with great flavor, grows everywhere (Germany, Switzerland, California etc.), is at its best with abundant sunshine

What would you cook if George Clooney came over for dinner?
Marjan: Fesenjoon! Sweet, a little tart, and exotic enough to catch his attention
Sun: Shrimp ceviche, Chilean sea bass (my favorite fish, but try not to eat them since they are in extinct, but only for a very special occasion I'll make an exception :).
Shirl: A bottle of Cristal and a nice jar of caviar (farm-raised sturgeon) would do. Really, you think the evening would be about cooking?
Anja: All my signature dishes - it worked to win over Roland, so I'm sure it would work for George, too: potato soup with a twist, Moroccan chicken, and a molten chocolate cake

And what would you cook for George Clooney or your fantasy date? Share your answer with us!

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From our partner: LO+JUNE
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