Castello Del Terriccio - A Tuscan Wine Estate Not To Miss

by Anja

Marjan and I recently went to Tuscany for a family vacation. This was a rather unusual trip for us, as culinary discoveries for once were not the main purpose of our get-together. Instead, it was all about spending time with our friends and all their kids. Our beautiful vacation home (an old mill by a creek) was filled with no less than seven adults and six kids – the oldest 14 years, the youngest – our little Julie – just 4 weeks. With such a crowd, exploring fancy restaurants was out of the question as was cooking ambitious meals. We had our pizzas at simple pizzerias (none of them worth mentioning here) and cooked simple pasta dishes at our great kitchen featuring an open fire.

However, Roland and I managed to sneak away one day to drive all the way to Castellina Marittima, home to the estate Castello del Terriccio. Ever since Roland tried one of their great wines, he was hooked and now that we were “just” a three-hour car ride away, we had to go and see. And try, of course. Wine tasting is by appointment only, so you want to make sure to call or email before you get there. We were lucky that Bettina Bertheau spontaneously said yes when we called just a few hours beforehand. The estate is beautiful and the setting for the wine tasting couldn’t be prettier. Located on top of a hill one overlooks most of the estate, roughly 4,200 acres filled with vines and olive trees.

(Pictures by Castello del Terriccio)

As much as I love wine, I am not a wine expert. My taste buds are just not evolved (or trained) enough to be able to tell apart an award-winning wine and an average wine, a EUR 60 bottle and a EUR 25 bottle. So, I will not talk about all the great wines we tried – ask someone who knows more about it than I do (or better try yourself and chat with Bettina). All I can say is that I truly enjoyed all of their wines, that I had a fantastic time at the Terriccio estate and that I am glad we filled our trunk with boxes of Tassinaia and bottles of outstanding olive oil (here I really know what I am talking about).

I am sure everyone who loves wine will enjoy a visit at the Castello del Terriccio.

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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