Ferry Building Marketplace, San Francisco

by Marjan

Not too long ago, my friend and I decided on a spontaneous trip to San Francisco. No time to prepare and research where to stay and dine, I called upon my Savorychick, Shirley, for recommendations. I trust her taste and knew I would be in for a treat. Thanks Shirley for recommending the Hotel Vitale to us! Not only was the hotel unique- fresh sage and lavender aromas filled the hallways, music CD’s in the room to set the mood, modern zen décor- but it was conveniently located across the street from my favorite new find: Ferry Building Marketplace!

Our first morning in SF, we had a late start to our day and missed the breakfast hours at our hotel. I was craving something simple, such as coffee and croissant, because lunch was a couple of hours away, and I definitely did not want to miss out on any meals! I asked our hotel concierge as to the closest place to just have coffee and bread. Her eyes lit up and strongly recommended we try the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and Acme Bread located in the Ferry Building Marketplace. From her enthusiasm, I knew we would be in for a treat! I’m always excited to meet others who are equally eager about recommending great finds- with food, of course!

When we walked into the Ferry Building, we were impressed with the newly remodeled building along the Embarcadero, located in the financial district of SF. Approximately ten little boutique shops filled the market place. Some of my favorites where the Cowgirl Creamer which specialized in artisan cheese; wine shops; flower market; exotic mushroom market; ice cream store; caviar specialists; Boulettes Larder- a French restaurant and store serving a small number of quests in their charming kitchen; and the famed Slanted Door restaurant is also located in this building.

All the stores were entertaining shoppers; however, the lines were unbelievable for the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and Acme bread. I knew we were not going to be disappointed. Watching my double-shot soy latte being prepared was an inspiring work of art in action. The apparent joy and precision facilitated by my artist preparing my coffee was inspiring. I realized this is what it’s like to love what you do. It shows. With every sip, I had sincere appreciation for the karma and taste of my latte. I hate to use the phrase: “this was the best latte I have ever had”, but it was!

Having traveled to Paris numerous times, I thought I would never find croissants measurable to the standards of the French. But I have! Once again, shamelessly, I must say: “this was the best croissant I have ever had”! How is this possible? Just the right amount of butter (flakiness on the outside, tenderness on the inside) and flavor so perfect, you would not want to use jam.

Needless to stay, for the remainder of our trip, we had lattes and croissants for breakfast everyday. And when I make future plans to SF, it’s guaranteed I will continue my new establish tradition for breakfast. Even though I had many wonderful culinary experiences in the city by the bay, I genuinely miss my favorite coffee and bread shop! Next time you travel to SF, go to the Ferry Building Marketplace and take pleasure in the best coffee and bread you will ever have.


  1. explendit blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Unfortunately, I missed all these great breakfast treats on my last trip to S.F.
    We went to the Ferry Building place - but at nighttime to dine at the Slanted Door. To our disappointment all the stores had already been closed. Ahh well, next time...

  3. the ferry building is the best place in the financial district to eat! good find...I too recomment it

  4. I love going to ferry building for breakfast as well. Great bread at Acme! Slanted Door is also a favorite.

  5. another thing to look forward to when i go to SF next time! :)

  6. Its been awhile since I been up in San Fransico and do I missed the food that city has to offer. I eaten House of Nankinf couple times thought the Chinses food was to Westernised for my palette, I do like Slanted Door and remember eating there when it was originally back in the Misssion ditrict. Some of my favorite spot in the city are Molinari in North Beach for Itailian style deli and this crepe place in the mission of on 16th street, forgot the name but their buckwheat crepes with smoke salmon was the best I ever had. For Mexican food it was El Farlito with the best tacos and spicy ass salsa, it open til 3 a.m. so it was a great spot to hit after a night bar hopping or clubbing. I 'm looking forward soon to take a trip up to the Bau Area for its food and great vineyards.


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