This Savorychick’s Coop

As many of our loyal readers already know, I enjoy my life on our little ranch because of my exposure to a healthy lifestyle in which my family and I are able to nurture our bodies from our clean soil and all organic land. When we initially purchased our home in Bonsall, California, our intention was to eat off the land as much as possible. Since 2005, we have planted over 400 fruit trees (from apples and oranges to the most exotic fruits such as cherimoya and mulberries) and have one acre of a variety of organically grown vegetables, herbs and spices. What’s next? Our own chicken pen!

Two years ago, when my father and mother fell ill due to unfortunate circumstances, my dearest friend and savorychick, Anja, came to visit and comfort me. Once my parents health improved, my parents, with Anja’s help, decided to purchase chickens and to keep them as pets (and of course to consume their eggs) in order to bring new life to the ranch. While I was at work, my parents and Anja purchased 7 adorable chickens. Anja shared a cute story with me: she asked my mother if we would name our chickens. My mother was puzzled as to why name chickens? Anja’s shrewd reply was to inquire if we would use our chickens as food or pets. If the chickens had names, then we would not be eating them- they are true pets. My mother’s quick response was: “Then we will not name them!” Anja was bemused and shocked!

Not to worry, not one of those chickens have been used for any of our meals. However, since we have had the luxury of fresh eggs, my progressive health conscious mother, has now decided to place the eggs in an incubator for us to have our own chickens for consumption! She has had my father construct a beautiful chicken coop where the chickens can roam freely while eating the same organic food we consume from the ranch. I don’t think it will be possible to purchase healthier chickens for recipes!

A few weeks ago, our farm was blessed with fourteen adorable golden chicks…My mother was like a proud mother of fourteen. With every chick hatching, she was like a little girl opening gifts under the tree. I had not seen her this happy in years. Let’s say, these golden beauties do not have any name.

What did you expect from this chick on the farm?


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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