Whip it up with ' Whisk '

Last winter, during a few days of absence from Miami (my once a month short trip to Chicago to look after things) Carlos, who can't cook to save his life, called me with such an excitement about a discovery he made of this great little eating place just a few blocks from our neighborhood.

The place is called "Whisk Gourmet Catering and Food". We have since become one of their many regulars. When you pull into to the small parking lot of "Whisk", (if you can find a spot) you wouldn't know what to expect if you are a new-be. It's one of those nondescript places that are known via great food and word of mouth. Although my husband told me that what attracted him to come closer and check it out as he was walking to the gym was the clean logo they have.

The place is very tiny and cozy but somehow every time we walk in, we are able to get a table after just a few minutes. Usually the place is packed inside and outside (they have two small tables in front). Why do we and others love this place? The food is fresh, healthy, and tasty!

Carlos' favorite dish here is the Mahi Mahi sandwich, with the side dish of Roasted Fingerling Potatos w/ Fresh Herbs. Others include Dry Marinated Skirt Steak, and Key Lime Pie.

The owners Kristin and Brendan started the business as Gourmet Catering only. After many requests from customers, they added a few tables at their location and people have been filling up the place ever since. It has become one of our favorite places to eat in Miami, especially for lunch. Brendan is the chef who only uses local and organic ingredients and Kristin takes care of the operation side of the business with her low key but friendly demeanor.

One time while we were sitting and eating, every customer who walked in had a friendly, personal conversation with Kristin which put smile on our faces. Because it's hard to see a place these days, where business owners and customers have such relationships. A lot of places where we eat, buy and do things are impersonal, fake, superficial, dry, or just too big, and this was something very refreshing to see.

Anja's last meal in Miami during her recent visit was at Whisk and she told me it was her culinary highlight of the trip. She really loved her fried green tomato sandwich. She got avocado instead of bacon to make it a delicious vegetarian sandwich.

So if you are visiting Miami, make sure to visit the charming historical Coral Gables Neighborhood, Whisk is just a couple of blocks from "Village of Merrick Park" (a beautiful up-scale, outdoor shopping mall) and not too far from Miracle mile.

Whisk Gourmet
4702 S. Le Jeune Rd.
Miami, FL 33146

Good Eating!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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