Happy Holidays!

Dear friends of Savorychicks,

A few months ago, four friends living in different parts of the world summoned together their interests in food and travel to start a blog called Savorychicks. Since then, we are happy to report that not only have Savorychicks been blessed with bounties of delightful treats but also many a hearty laugh and some fascinating dialogue. In the spirit of the Holidays, we want to thank everyone for joining us on our journey around the globe as well as at home feasting and cooking!

Looking ahead, our goal is to continue to explore and write on food and our life around food on a regular basis. It's also our desire to turn our blog into a gathering place to exchange ideas about and appreciation for food. Think of it as a steaming hot melting pot – the more quality ingredients you put in the more flavorful and aromatic it gets. So, go ahead! Share your thoughts or comments. Or ask a question if you want. Let’s keep the pot on a nice long simmer.

Why not start with letting us hear what you think about our brand new look!

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love the new design and look forward to all your 2010 articles!
    Great blog... keep it up!


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