Piemonte – Wine, Truffles and More

The beautiful region of Piemonte in Northern Italy is known for its great wines, truffles and good cuisine. Reasons enough for us to check it out and spend a weekend at a beautiful little wine estate (agriturismo) near Nevigle.

Nearby you find the picturesque villages of Barbaresco and Barolo among many others. Everywhere you go you can try local wines, grappas and often other specialties, too.

A big event in early October is the truffle market in Alba. If you’re a truffle lover, that’s the place to be. And even if you’re not (like me) it’s certainly worth a visit. Black and the more expensive white truffles can be purchased as well as many other delicacies, such as truffle infused salami or varieties of artisanal cheeses. Friends had asked us to bring them a white truffle and so we got one - about the size of a baseball – for 300 Euros! These mushrooms certainly deserve a place in the list of the most expensive foods.

If you love good food and wines, add Piemonte to your travel list!


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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