Nobu, Malibu! Need I Say More?

Consistent Excellence: that's how I describe Nobu, Malibu. Ten years ago on a girls trip to Miami, I was introduced to Nobu. Dazzled by the celebrities we encountered such as Heidi Klum and Charlize Theron, we ordered all the recommended dishes and of course were impressed!

Since then, Nobu has opened up various restaurant locations all around the world. However, I fell in love with Nobu when I dinned at their understated, hidden, out of the way restaurant in Malibu. I have tried most Nobu locations in the United States, yet to this day, Nobu Malibu is my personal favorite, and has been for the past eight years!

Eight years ago my family and I first explored Nobu Malibu and since then nothing has changed: the same receptionist, waiters, chefs, consistent quality and flavor. Most often, I am bemused by patrons who choose to dine at Nobu and continue to order rolls and sushi, such as tuna or salmon, which can be found at any sushi restaurant. At Nobu Malibu, you have to explore and allow your taste buds to ride on Chef Matsuhisa's culinary adventure. If you don’t like sashimi, you will end up loving it; if you use soy sauce, you will never reach for it again! Nobu’s creations are exquisite, unique, subtle flavors that blow you away.

These are my absolute recommendations:

-Yellowtail sashimi with Jalapenos

-Tuna sashimi with avocado salsa


-Scallops with truffle

-Spicy shrimp and lobster with lemon/garlic sauce

-Baked cod (many have imitated Nobu’s original creations: all have failed to perfect it)

-Green tea crepe with bananas and white/dark chocolate spring rolls! A must! The best dessert you will ever have! Guaranteed!

Warning: after trying these creations, no other sushi restaurant will impress you.
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From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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