Pourtal - Wine Tasting in the City

We are sorry to report this restaurant is no longer open to the public.

Wine tasting in Santa Monica, California? Yes! When one thinks of wine tasting in California, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, and Temecula come to mind. Nothing can replace the beauty of rolling hills, decorated with limitless rows of grapevines, and uniquely designed wine tasting boutiques nestled within the manicured landscape, blue sky, and fresh air.
Allow me to introduce you to a new trend of wine tasting bar phenomena.

What if your taste buds craved to experience wines from a variety of regions beyond California? To taste wines from Germany, Australia, Spain, France, and more all under one roof? The convenience of staying in the city, in an air conditioned room, and having the luxury of tasting a variety of wines from all over the world can be experienced in a starting trend of self serving, wine tasting bars! I know what your thinking: ‘why hasn’t someone come up with this idea sooner?’. Of course, nothing compares to traveling different regions of the world and experiencing not only the pleasure of wine tasting, but also the ambiance provided by wineries.

However, an easy impromptu gathering of wine loving friends, with the convenience of staying in the city, and tasting a variety of wines of your choice, without a sales pitch to buy cases of wine, can be efficiently enjoyed at bars such as the one I stumbled upon in Santa Monica.

Pourtal - Wine Tasting Bar located on Santa Monica Blvd. one block away from the ocean, conveniently allows you to indulge your craving to taste wine in the beautiful city of Santa Monica. Give this new trend a taste!

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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