Mallorca Revisited

It's been just a few weeks since our girls' trip to Mallorca and now Roland and I returned to this beautiful island for a late summer weekend. Equipped with two restaurant recommendations - and dinner reservations made accordingly - I was sure I would be inspired to write about these culinary discoveries. But I'm not, really.

Both restaurants were good but lacked the certain something that makes me want to share my experiences. But for those of you who look for Mallorca restaurant tips, here a brief summary. Caballito del Mar, prominently located at Palma's Paseo Sagrera street is famous for their seafood, especially their fish baked in a salt crust. We were really hungry when we got to the restaurant and ordered some sushi for appetizers. A pleasant surprise! The sushi was of really good quality - especially considering that it's not a sushi place. Don't think Nobu here - it's not creative sushi, but it's a high quality, tasteful sushi arrangement. The plate is big enough for two to share.

We then had the sea bass baked in a salt crust, which was truly delicious and cooked to perfection. The other dish – grilled monk fish and scallops - turned out to be a big disappointment - the fish and the scallops totally overcooked. We left the plate almost untouched.

The restaurant with its prominent street corner setting felt a bit touristy to me, which added to the disappointment. But if you want some good sushi or fish in a salt crust, Caballito del Mar is a good address!

The second night we ate at Casal Santa Eulalia. Food was great as was the service. This time we skipped appetizers and went straight to our main courses: Roland went for filet mignon which was excellently prepared and I had some braised beef which was full of flavor. Unfortunately, the dessert couldn't keep up with the main courses' quality. I had some mascarpone mousse with passion fruit compote and mango foam. The foam was good, the mousse way too sweet, the compote too sour. Roland's chocolate mousse was excellent if it wasn't for the sea salt sprinkles on top that where very disturbing...
Located in the countryside this place could have had a great relaxing atmosphere but being located right off a main street brought along some rather loud traffic noise. So, again, I wouldn't full heartedly recommend the restaurant to anyone.

One restaurant we discovered by mere coincidence when we were hungry for lunch and wanted to grab a little something was Cassai at the little town of Ses Salines. I’d recommend this place more for its atmosphere than its food - it just was so beautiful! The food was good, too. We had varieties of tapas - nothing outstanding or unexpected, but reliable quality, and the plate large enough for two people to share. I can't tell you how the other dishes at the menu are, but if you happen to be near Ses Salines, give this cute place a chance!


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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