Tidbits: The Unknown Plums

I have these two beautiful trees in my backyard that every year yield tons of fruits – so far always been rotting away as I assumed these were not edible. Until my neighbor told me otherwise…

So, this year I harvested some of the immense amounts of these – for lack of profound botanical knowledge let me call them “heirloom” – plums. One kind was smaller, just the size of a cherry with a gentle reddish color, the other pretty much the color of regular plums, only a lot smaller (maybe like a small apricot).

I used my plums to make jam out of it – just adding a bit of sugar did the job. For my second batch I mixed my plums with nectarines- very good, too.

Since I don’t think these plums are available at stores, maybe check your backyards (you never know!) or farmers markets for these sweet little fruit.

And for my own education, if you happen to know the correct names of my plums, please write!


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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