Stay at Mallorca

Ironically, our last meal in Mallorca, Spain, happened to be in a restaurant named ‘Stay’. That night, we wished we could have stayed in Mallorca longer. Finally, we discovered a restaurant that we unanimously enjoyed. Every meal we had in Spain was good. Yet, most of the restaurants were not good enough for us to take pictures and share them with our readers with excitement. Stay Restaurant, however, did! Located in the city of Port de Pollenca, this modern design restaurant on the pier not only had atmosphere, but also substance; a little pricy, but worth a last night dinner’s celebration of Mallorca.

We requested for our waiter to make suggestions as to local dish specialties. We started our meal with the Ensalada de Codorniz (salad served with the most succulent quail). What a start! From the beginning, we were hooked. Followed by four main entrees: Caldereta de Bogavante (lobster stew that has us licking our fingers, and if we could, the bowl) and two fish dishes Lubina con Ajitos and Supremas de Merluza (both white local fish prepared to perfection; served with Nuevo array of vegetable and rice) and finally the Arroz con Sepia y Berberechos (paella in which we unanimously agreed could have been better). We could not leave without dessert, therefore we split two: crème brulee and apple strudel that even had the frequent German visitors asking themselves, “why didn’t we come up with that?”

The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, great wine, seafood, olives, warm, balmy weather, and spending time with amazing friends could not have ended on a sweeter note!


From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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