Sautéed Shishito Peppers

by Shirl

shishito peppers
If you have done tapa crawls in Spain, you are probably very familiar with Pimientos de Padrón. They are a great snack to nurture your drinks with. Mildly sweet and with a hint of spiciness (except for an occasional one that blasts with heat – beware!), the little green peppers from Padron in Galicia come in a perfect bite size. They are also easy to prepare: Fry them in olive oil for couple of minutes until blistered and a bit browned. Then sprinkle them with coarse sea salt. There you go. Just enough time to open a couple of beers or pour a nice glass of wine. Can you make a snack faster than that?

shishito peppers

Across the Pacific, the Japanese love having Shishito peppers as bar snacks. Shishitos are wonderfully mild and sweet, kind of like the Padróns. They are larger in size, about 2 – 4 inches long, and have a more wrinkled skin. You can cook them the same way you do Padróns by frying them in a little oil in a hot pan, turning them around until they are softened, blistered and slightly browned, about 3-4 minutes. But instead of the sea salt treatment, toss them in a dressing made of a spoonful of soy sauce, a splash of yuzu or lime juice, little brown sugar, a few drops of toasted sesame oil and some freshly ground black pepper.

Grab one by the stem and bite! The pepper harvest season has begun.

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  1. Just came back from Spain where I tried Pimientos de Padrón for the first time. You know me, I usually stay away from spicy food, and so was positively suprised by how mild the flavor was. I shall definitely give the shishitos a try, too.

  2. I LOVE Pimiento de Padron! Koreans make shishitos with soy sauce, sesame oil, and the little dry fish called ' Mylchi ' . They are soooo good!


  3. Karin from ErlenbachJune 04, 2010

    I also recommend instead of frying the Pimientos del Padron: wash them, add the corse salt before cooking (sticks to the water drops) and if you have a multifunktion microwave with a grill, stick them in for ca.10min each side, with the micros grill mode, on a non-stick pie tray. No fat... and while preparing other things on the stove, the micro grill does a timed job with a nice PING reminding me to turn them over... or if you are doing Raclette cheese with the usual table grill: plonk them on the top grill while the cheese is melting below! Whatdayathink?

  4. The peppers are good on barbecue too!


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