La Boqueria Barcelona

Three of us just went to Barcelona and enjoyed a stroll at Barcelona's famous market. Beautifully arranged fruits and vegetables and great varieties of seafood and meats make this market a big tourist attraction. Located at the well-known La Rambla, this metal-roof covered market has been around for almost 100 years and to this day is one of Barcelona's must-sees. On a hot summer day the heat combined with the mass of tourists trying to sneak a peek and the sometimes intense smells can be a bit overwhelming - but nonetheless it is worth spending a few minutes to enjoy the great displays of food.

One would assume the unique architecture of Gaudi would be the highlight of our visit, but for us, it was exploring the unique flavors of this Mediterranean city. Our initial fascination with La Boqueria was the vibrant colors of all the exotic fruits, freshly prepared juices, and candies. Then we were whirled into the center of the market with its strong smell of seafood, cured meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Once you make it past the procession of the massive crowds mesmerized by the immaculate display of food, there is an overwhelming abundance of ingredients that can capture the imagination of any cook. Each time we spotted certain fruits or seafood that we have never seen before, our senses were even more heightened with curiosity and excitement.

Our only regret? Not having our own kitchen to prepare our next meals. We were inspired!

Anja, Marjan & Sun

From our partner: LO+JUNE

From our partner: LO+JUNE
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