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Tidbits: Ever tried Agave Sweetener?

Living on a small ranch in San Diego, has given me the opportunity to not only eat home grown, organic vegetables, but has also allowed me to make better choices in ingredients I purchase at the market. I have recently discovered Organic Agave Sweetener. Instead of using sugar, I substitute this sweetener which is made from the Blue Agave plant. Baking with it might be risky; however, using agave in my coffee, lemonade, homemade salad dressings, or drizzled over fresh strawberries is a healthier choice than processed sugar. Give it a try! You can purchase agave sweetener at any health food store or specialty markets such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Food, Henry’s, etc.



  1. Here I thought agave was only good for making tequilla! Thanks for introducing us to a new kind of sweetener. Will have to try it.


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